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Susan R. Dolan RN, JD is a patient advocate, a dynamic public speaker, award-winning author and hospice professional. Susan will engage and educate your group with powerful real-life stories and humor. For your keynote presentation or programs for smaller groups, Susan’s topics include Planning End-of-Life Care, Advance Directives, Elder Ethics, Caring for the Caregiver, Dispute Resolution and custom presentations.

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The End of Life Advisor by Susan R. Dolan and Audrey R. Vizzard
As an advisor-advocate on end-of-life care, registered nurse and attorney Susan Dolan appears in the critically acclaimed documentary Consider the Conversation: a documentary on a taboo subject. In addition to consulting with private clients and hospice organizations, Susan speaks for small groups and national and fund raising events. She maintains a blog at The Huffington Post.

“My life is dedicated to improving all aspects of end-of-life care.”

Susan is a nationally known author, speaker and healthcare advocate. Reserve your event date now or contact Susan for more information.

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