Advance Care Consultation at Home, Office or by Phone


Schedule a consultation with Susan Dolan to review the many options available for your end-of-life plan. Make palliative care and hospice choices and determine personal, emotional, and spiritual needs. It can be helpful to have a family member, loved one or colleague present with you. If separated by distance, choose a telephone consultation.

  Session length: 1 hour. Call 847-910-2168 to schedule an appointment with Susan.


End of Life Planning Susan R. DolanAlthough each of us will experience a physical death, those who plan well are far more likely to die well. I’ve seen many patients pass away without putting their affairs in order, and witnessed the chaos it caused loved ones.

In sharp contrast, the patients who planned well tended to die with peace and dignity. Personal, emotional and spiritual needs were attended to while loved ones experienced greater peace of mind. It is my honor to help you navigate and sort through your end-of-life care options.

Call 847-910-2168


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