Advance Care Directive Drafted by Susan R. Dolan


Get peace of mind with professional help. An advance care directive is a legal document that allows you to express your healthcare choices in “advance” to “direct” others what to do if you are unable to speak on your own behalf. Expert, compassionate guidance from Susan R. Dolan helps simplify and ease the process of documenting end-of-life wishes. This service covers all consultation and the Advance Directive document.


All your wishes in one legal document.

Nurse, hospice professional, attorney and senior healthcare advocate Susan R. Dolan offers qualified step-by-step advice and compassionate guidance to help you explore healthcare options and create your advance care directive. Susan can meet with you at your home, long term care facility, hospital room–or nationwide by telephone.

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End of Life Planning Susan R. Dolan

Susan R. Dolan RN, JD

Although each of us will experience a physical death, those who plan well are far more likely to die well. I’ve seen many patients pass away without putting their affairs in order, and witnessed the chaos it caused loved ones.

In sharp contrast, the patients who planned well tended to die with peace and dignity. Personal, emotional and spiritual needs were attended to while loved ones experienced greater peace of mind. It is my honor to help you navigate and sort through your end-of-life care options.

“My life is dedicated to improving all aspects of end-of-life care.”

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How Does Susan Help?

Susan provides expert and compassionate guidance for individuals and healthcare professionals and organizations.

Will I Receive A Legal Document?

Yes, Susan Dolan will help you create your own legally binding Advance Directive: a Power of Attorney for Health Care.


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