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Questions to Ask when Choosing a Hospice

Hospice Care and Services
  • What services are available for the family/caregivers?
  • How many patients are assigned to each staff member who will be caring for your loved one?
  • How often will hospice staff visit?
  • How are services provided after regular business hours?
  • How long is it likely to take on-call staff members to arrive if asked to make a visit after regular business hours?
  • Does the hospice provide short-term inpatient care? Where?
  • Does the hospice provided services in long-term care facilities? Which ones?
  • How and why may hospice services be terminated prior to death?
  • Who can be called with questions about care?
  • How are complaints handled?
Hospice Treatments and Expenses
  • Does the hospice accept your insurance and if so, what expenses are covered?
  • Which medications, medical equipment, and treatments does hospice pay for or not pay for?
Hospice Certifications and Credentials
  • Is the hospice program Medicare-certified?
  • Is the hospice program licensed by the state?
  • Is the hospice program accredited?
  • What special certifications do staff have?
  • Can the hospice provide references from professionals such as physicians and social workers?


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